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About Us

As a heritage consultant in the built heritage sector I specialise in building recording and the production of heritage statements and statements of significance through my company Atelier 1882.

Whilst working as a banker hand mason in the local yorkstone industry I took a BA in History and a MA in Buildings Archaeology to prepare myself for a career change in later life. Ten years ago I became an archaeologist and then a heritage consultant. I have since established Atelier 1882 to begin to consider digital approaches to cultural heritage.

The last ten years have included projects mainly in built heritage and industrial archaeology, particularly in relation to the planning process, but I have also developed other specialities including the Cultural Heritage of Fortifications, Local History, Military History. Community Archaeology.

I am based in the Leeds City Region in the north of England but have worked in other regions, I am also a member of several organisations in Europe and am open to working in Europe.

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